Tamarindo Turtle Tour 

Tour from Tamarindo:

LeatherbackTurtle Tour (Dermochelyscoriacea)            
Maximum Risk of Extinction 
Departure: Depends on the tide!  
The tour lasts up to four hours of waiting, all tourists should be organized into groups of 1-4 where each group consists of 15 people by association (maximum capacity to observe a turtle), the first thing we do is collect all tourists in their hotels, then transferring them to our office where we will give instructions and regulations for the operation of the tour, the following is to cross the Tamarindo estuary by boat, where we will walk about 300 meters to reach the national park office where we expect by the turtle, where we have a maximum wait of four hours, once we know that the turtle emerges instead walk to that place (can be from 100 meters to 4 kilometers). Once in place, we will have the opportunity to observe the last dinosaur 


Pacific Green Sea Turtle Tour (CheloniamydasAgassizzi)     
Departure: 06:00 PM 
On this tour, tourists will have the opportunity to visit the Pacific green turtle named Black, while able to observe the nesting of the same, which our association recommends since despite being an endangered species, we guarantee 100% of the observation of the turtle, we went every night from 6:00 pm, picking up at various locations within the area of Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta, then we will go to the beach for about 45 minutes Minas which arrive directly the beach, drinks included. 
Important. The maximum waiting time is 4 hours 

Olive Ridley Turtle Tour (Ostinal National Park)        
Departure: 2:30 pm October, November & December (five days for month)  
The best time to visit Ostional is just before and during an ARRIBADA. These occur, as a general rule (not always), at the start of the LAST Quarter MOON. The best months to see the biggest ARRIBADAS are between July and December. 
After an undetermined waiting time, close to the last quarter of the moon cycle, the "arribada" will begin. At first, a few hundred turtles will come out on the beach, followed by a steady stream of animals for the next three days. 
Arribadas" occur all through the year, at least once a month and, in some months, may occur twice. The months between June and December, during the rainy season, you could see larger "arribadas". That means that the number of nesting turtles may be in the range of hundreds of thousands as opposed to tens of hundreds for the dry season months. This tour is only offer when there is an “arribada” happening. Pick up time will depend on if there are turtles during the day or only at night. 

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